We value the support of our parents/carers and aim to work together with them to improve the outcomes of our pupils.

Parents/Carers have the responsibility to:

  • Make sure that their children come to the Kennington Park Academy on time, and are ready to learn.
  • Read and sign the home-school book on a daily basis, adding their own comments if necessary.
  • Attend SEN Support Plans review meetings and contribute to the SEN Support Plans
  • Notify staff if their child is absent.
  • Pay for school lunches promptly or provide the necessary documentation on the day that the child starts Kennington Park Academy if their child is eligible for free school meals.
  • Provide a healthy packed lunch (if that option is chosen) which does not include fizzy drinks, chocolate or sweets.
  • Attend necessary meetings at Kennington Park Academy when required to do so, e.g. with the Educational Psychologist.
  • Support their child’s education by encouraging them to complete homework and hand homework in on time.
  • Provide at least one contact telephone number and be willing to collect their child if necessary.
  • Support the Kennington Park Academy staff by speaking to their child on the telephone if required to do so / contact Kennington Park Academy by telephone to ask for progress reports on their children if required to do so.
  • Support us by encouraging their child to adhere to the rules of the Kennington Park Academy.
  • Ensure that their child is collected promptly at the end of the day.(3.00pm - parents are allowed to arrive at 2:45pm.)

"Kennington Park Academy was a wonderful experience for my son. I would like to give thanks for all the support. He has come a long way, especially with his learning." - Parent of former KPA student

"Kennington Park Academy is a very good school. The staff are very supportive; they ensure that your child's needs are met. Communication between home and school is excellent. I am grateful for the support." - Parent of former KPA student