Case Study on Secondary Transition:

Max* was permanently excluded when in Year 5 for ‘an act of extreme aggression towards a member of staff (posing significant health and safety risks to school staff and pupils)' . In the KPA setting he responded well to the systems in place and we were able to organise a  part-time placement at a primary school (federated to his previous school) for his last six weeks of primary education. He was supported by a member of the Reintegration Officer (RO) team during this time and this placement was successful.  This is part of our ‘Stepping Stones’ programme for Year 6 pupils.

Whilst in his final stages of Year 6 at the KPA he was supported via a tailor made PSHE curriculum for the Year 6 group:

•    Specific modules on secondary transfer

•    Year 6 visits to local secondary schools where ‘taster’ lessons were given to the students 

We also organised a handover meeting with his secondary school – a member of staff came to see Max at Kennington Park and a detailed report was given to the school in order that information and suggested strategies be given to the receiving school.

A member of the secondary Reintegration Officer team was assigned to Max and they also came into Kennington Park to observe Max and begin to develop a relationship.

During the start of Year 7 Max was supported by the primary RO team and during the review held after he had been attending his secondary school for five weeks, the school felt that his transition was going well and they asked that support cease stating that they would contact the secondary RO team if they felt they needed support in the future.

Currently, Max is still in his school and doing well.

* We have changed the name of the pupil in this case study