Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum Intent:

We want our pupils to  :

  • Be Confident learners
  • Be independent learners
  • Be emotionally resilient and regulate their emotions
  • Know their rights and responsibilities
  • Know how to keep themselves safe
  • Understand their place as a global citizen
  • Know how to be healthy – physical and mental health

– This is taught daily as a defined subject and also in a cross-curricular way across the whole week. We have a big emphasis upon reading. Our phonics scheme is Letters and Sounds.            

MATHS– This is taught daily as a defined subject and in a cross-curricular way across the whole week.

SCIENCE – This is taught once a week.

P.S.H.E. – This is taught as a ‘subject’ once a week, but Personal, Social Health Education is a strong strand that runs across the curriculum throughout the day – assemblies, lunchtimes, playtimes etc all contain elements of P.S.H.E.

COMPUTING – This is mainly taught in a cross-curricular way in classes.

P.E. – Physical Education is taught as a lesson once a week. Great emphasis is placed upon listening and following instructions as well as upon the curriculum. Each pupil is provided with a P.E. kit. Playtimes are also times when physical activity is greatly encouraged. Swimming for targeted students takes place on Fridays. we work closely with Moving Matters who deliver training to staff and work with targeted groups to raise levels of fitness and improve pupils' responses to competitive sports/activities.

ART, HUMANITIES and DESIGN/TECHNOLOGY - These subjects are taught as part of our main topic throughout the week.  


MUSIC – is taught once a week by a visiting music specialist.


We recognise that these aspects are an important addition to the curriculum and when possible we organise trips and events that link in with the curriculum. We also work well with many outside agencies (e.g. GAV - Growing Against Violence) who come into Kennington Park Academy and teach sessions with staff present.

Please see your child's class team if you require more information on the curriculum.

This term's topic web is:


To find out more about the curriculum at Kennington Park Academy, please contact the school office: admin@kenningtonpark.org.uk