When a student is ready to reintegrate, we need to ensure that the reintegration programme works for them, as we know that all children are different.

If a child is going back to their referring school, we ask that school staff visit the Kennington Park Academy and see for themselves how much progress has been made. This is also an opportunity for school staff to take some strategies back to school in readiness for the child’s return. 

Reintegration follows these basic steps: 

Step 1: A member of the Reintegration Team, is assigned to the pupil. The Reintegration Officer (RO) then visits the school and gets to know the systems in place, meet the staff and the class etc. 

Step 2: A date is agreed by the school and the KPA. 

Step 3: The child attends the school for one day a week supported by the RO for the morning or afternoon session. Initially, this support may be focused on the pupil, but as time progresses, the RO  then works with the staff in the school, passing strategies on etc. 

Step 4: After a few weeks, a review is held at the school and an increase in reintegration is discussed. The RO then also increases their support. 

Step 5: Further reviews are held on a regular basis and as the student increases their time, the focus is then on full-time reintegration. 

Step 6: Once a pupil is in a school on a full-time basis, the RO continues support for a six week period (2-3 sessions a week).

The RO then leaves the school with a detailed written report outlining progress and any further strategies.

Reintegration for students moving into a new school:

1. If a child has an EHCP/Statement of Special Educational Needs= Lambeth SEN work with the family to secure a new school placement. The reintegration programme is the same as above. 

2. If a child does not have an EHCP/Statement of Special Educational Needs = the HT of the Kennington Park Academy works with the family to secure a new school placement. Sometimes this involves the LA. The reintegration programme is the same as above.

3. If a child moves onto a special school = they will not be reintegrated gradually, but will attend the new school on a full-time basis from the beginning. As they are transferring to a specialist provision they do not receive the support from the Reintegration Team unless it is under special circumstances. 

4. If a child moves onto a secondary school = they will attend the school on a full-time basis from the very beginning and will be supported by a member of the RO team for term 1. From term 2, the Park Campus Reintegration team take over the support.

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